Februrary 12-14


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Simulation of technical systems was always in the heart of the design process. No idea is implemented before it is verified by a simulation tool. It is done in practically all aspects of research and engineering life the subject being a single molecule or the universe as a whole.

Modern electronic hardware, however, has given a boost to this discipline enabling attacking problems that were beyond tractability in the near past. In that way we are looking to results related to simulation of nano-biological structures, complex micro-electro-mechanical structures, mixed electronic-electrical digital and power systems, space - defining local and global climate etc.

What are the existing methods applied in the field of simulation?

These and many other are the questions we will try to find the answer during SSSS’16.

This symposium is supposed to inherit the results of previous meetings held at The Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Niš such as


Hopefully, it will trace new ways and build new professional friendships that will put us together again in the future.


We intend to put together experienced scientist having strong influence to the subject and young researchers that are expected to bring us new strength both by implementing modern computer programming methods and by introducing new algorithms based on new computing philosophies. In that respect at SSSS’16 one should see review of algorithms and experience of their implementation together with overview of possible technical support to the implementation of these ideas.

It is not to forget that experiences from practical designs are the ones that drive for new effort to verify the reality that we are simulating. This is why new technologies that lead to challenging systems are welcomed to be presented.