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Central Europian Time

Monday, February 12, 2018

10:00        Registration

10:30        Opening ceremony

Plenary session

Chairman: Vančo Litovski

11:00        "Dark Data in Internet of Things (IoT): Challenges and Opportunities", Dimitar Trajanov, Vladimir Zdraveski, Riste Stojanov and Ljupco Kocarev

11:30        "Verification of an Embedded Sensor Node System-on-Chip", Goran Panic

12:00 Coffee break

Session 1: Circuit design and simulation

Chairman: Tom Kazmierski

12:30        "Low-Power and Low-Cost Dedicated Bit-Serial Hardware Neural Networks for Epileptic Seizure Prediction", Si Mon Kueh and Tom Kazmierski

12:45        "Estimation of Power Amplifier Package Model from Frequency Sweep Measurements", Dusan Grujić, Pavle Jovanović and Milan Savić

13:00        "LMS8001 Companion Board – A Highly Configurable 4-Channel Frequency Shifter Platform Utilising the LMS8001A RFIC", Milan Savić, Miloš Božić, Mihajlo Božović, Pavle Jovanović and Dušan Grujić

13:15        "IGBT versus VDMOS switches in DC-to-AC inverters, some basic comparisons", Jelena Milojković, Simon Le Blond, Marko Dimitrijević and Vanco Litovski

13:30        "LSM Polyphase gm-C Filter", Srdjan Milenković, Vančo Litovski, Slobodan Bojanić and Octavio Nieto Taladriz Garcia

13:45        "Peak Windowing for Peak to Average Power Reduction", Borisav Jovanović and Srđan Milenković

14:00        Cocktail - lunch

15:00        Round table - "Implementation of the study program - Digital Broadcasting and Broadband Technologies (Master studies)", Slobodan Bojanić

19:30        Conference dinner

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Session 2: Modeling

Chairman: Dimitar Trajanov

10:00        "14nm Educational Design Kit: Capabilities, Deployment and Future", Vazgen Melikyan, Meruzhan Martirosyan, Anush Melikyan and Gor Piliposyan

10:15        "Extended Character Segmentation Approach for Compressed Machine-Typed Documents", Vladan Vučković, Boban Arizanović, and Simon Le Blond

10:30        "General One-Dimensional Model of a New Composite Ultrasonic Transducer", Igor Jovanović, Uglješa Jovanović and Dragan Mančić

10:45        "Visualization of finite potential wells", M. Jeremić, M. Gocić, S. Trajković, and M. Milić

11:00        "Contribution to the electrostatics of bi-isotropic materials for the case of charged ring placed near to a sphere of a bi-isotropic material", Žaklina J. Mančić, Zlata Ž. Cvetković, and Saša S. Ilić

11:30        Coffee break

Session 3: System design and simulation

Chairman: Mark Zwolinski

12:00        "System-Level Anomaly Detection using Hardware Performance Counters", Mark Zwolinski, Lai Leng Woo, and Basel Halak

12:15        "Verification of Active Front End Converter Using Co-Simulation Technique in the LabVIEW", Bojan Banković, Filip Filipović, Milutin Petronijević, Nebojsa Mitrović and Vojkan Kostić

12:30        "Rapid prototyping approach for dynamic load emulation", Lazar Sladojević, Milutin Petronijević and Miodrag Stojanović

12:45        "Real-time System for Nonlinear Load Analysis in 50A Current Range", Marko Dimitrijević, Dejan Stevanović, Miona Andrejević Stošović

13:00        "A Surface-Potential Based Sub-Circuit Model of I-V Characteristics In AlGaN/GaN HEMTs", Nebojsa Jankovic, Soroush Faramehr and Petar Igić

13:15        " A New Simplified Spice Modelling of Memristor", Miljana Milic and Miljan Petrovic

13:30        "Development of Arduino Based Thermal Inspection System for Hot Spots Detection in Power Lines", Miljana Milić, Sandra Đosić, Miloš Ljubenović and Duško Lukač

14:00        Lunch

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

11:00        Round table: Education and Research Reinforced by University and Industry Synergy

13:00        Coffee break

13:30        Dissemination of results obtained by SSSS18 participants within projects funded by MPNTR of Republic of Serbia in period 2011-2017