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Actual version *

Symposium program is now defined but changable. The full text of the last version of the symposium program can be found here.

Program by sessions / events

Friday 12.02.2016. 10.00 Registration Hall in front of Room 1
10.30 Opening  ceremony Room 1
11.00 Plenary session  Room 1
12.15  Welcome Cocktail   Faculty Restaurant 
14.00  Session M1 “Modelling 1” Room 1
15.30 Coffee break Hall in front of Room 1
16.00 Session M2 “Modelling 2”  Room 1
19.30 Conference Dinner   Complex "Vidikovac"
Saturday 13.02.2016. 10.00 Session S1 "Systems design and simulation" Room 1
10.00 Session S2 "Circuits design and simulation" Room 2
12.00 Lunch  Faculty Restaurant
15.00 Sightseeing tour  
Sunday 14.02.2014. 09.00

Dissemination: Implementation of the study program - Digital Broadcasting and Broadband Technologies (Master studies)

Complex Vidikovac
10.00 Dissemination of results obtained by SSSS16 participants within projects funded by MPNTR of Republic of Serbia in period 2011-2015 Complex Vidikovac
11.00 Round Table “How to foster the cooperation between universities and SMEs in innovation research” Complex Vidikovac
13.00 Facultative attending ethno event “St. Triphun Celebration” Restaurant “Tri fenjera”

11.15   “A mechanism for collaboration between industry and academia in the UK, exemplified by project SYNAPS”, Simon Le Blond and Vanco Litovski

11.45   “Co-operative Education Programs with IT Companies at Belgrade Metropolitan University”, Dragan Domazet


14.00   “On the implementations of Circuit Models of Arcs”, Simon Le Blond and Vanco Litovski

14.15   “Self-Heating Assessment for Interconnects During ESD Event”, V. Melikyan, A. Khachatryan and D. Mirzoyan

14.30   “3D Modeling and  Simulation of the Tesla's Polyphase Generators and Motors”, Vladan Vučković

14.45   “Pspice Model for Three Phase Induction Motor”, Nebojša Mitrović, Vojkan Kostić, Milutin Petronijević and Bojan Banković

15.00   “Pspice Simulation of Power Electronics and Induction Motor Drives”, Bojan Banković, Nebojša Mitrović, Vojkan Kostić and Milutin Petronijević

15.15   “Vehicle Modelling Using Physical Networks”, Milan Simić

15.30   “Small Signal Modeling of Series-Parallel Resonant Converters Based on Extended Describing Function”, Milan Pajnić, Miroslav Lazić, Zoran Cvejić


16.00   “Spice Simulation of  Aging Effects in Double-Gate FinFETs”, Nebojša Janković, Chadwin D. Young  and Miloš Marjanović

16.15   “Modelling and simulation of standard TFRs as strain sensing elements”, Ivanka Stanimirović and Zdravko Stanimirović

16.30   “ANN Model of Electric Stress in Power n-channel VDMOS Transistors”, Aleksandar Vulović, Milan Savić, Sanja Aleksić and Dragan Pantić

16.45   “ANN solution for increasing the efficiency of tracking PV systems”, Duško Lukač and Miljana Milić

17.00   “Model of High Efficiency Solar System with DC_DC converter”, Branko Blanuša, Zeljko Ivanović and Branko Dokić

17.15   “Modelling SAR of mobile phone inside users' head”, Dejan B. Jovanović, Vladimir Stanković, Dejan Krstić and Nenad Cvetković

17.30   “Outage Probability of SC Receiver Operating in Both Microcell and Picocell Environment”, Aleksandra Panajotović and Dragan Drača


10.00   “LMS7002M FPRF 2x2 MIMO Transceiver IC With High Digital Content”, Srđan Milenković
10.15   “Improving HDL Higher Level Logical Analysis Using Boolean Function Feature”, Vladimir Zdraveski, Andrej Dimitrovski, Dimitar Trajanov
10.30   “EASYSim - Energy-aware embedded system simulator”, Strahinja Janković, Dragomir El Mezeni, Vladimir Petrović, Ivan Popović, Jelena Popović-Bozović and Lazar Saranovac
10.45   “The Power Quality Estimation by Integrated Power Meter DSP Block”, Borisav Jovanović, Predrag Petković
11.00   “Monitoring and Compensation of Harmonics in Smart Grid”, Dejan Stevanović, Marko Dimitrijević, Miona Andrejević Stosović, Predrag Petković
11.15   “One-Week- and One-Month-Ahead Prediction of Suburban Electricity Load”, Jelena Milojković, Slobodan Bojanić, Octavio Nieto and Vančo Litovski


10.00   “Energy-Efficient CMOS Full Adders”, Branko L. Dokić, Miladin Sandić

10.15   “Periodic Steady State Simulation of Mixed Signal RF Circuits”, Dusan N. Grujić, Mihajlo Bozović, Pavle Jovanović, Milan Savić, and Lazar Saranovac

10.30   “Method of Statistical Timing Analysis with Uncertainty”, Nazeli Melikyan

10.45   “Exploring second order s-to-z transformation in IIR linear phase filters design”, Dejan Mirković, Miona Andrejević Stosović, Vanco Litovski

11.00   “CMAC and Chebyshev Filters in Frequency Domain”, Dragan Topisirović, Miona Andrejević Stosović, and Vanco Litovski

11.15   “Class-D audio amplifier using pulse width modulation”, Jovan Galić, Tatjana Pesić-Brđanin, Lejla Iriskić

11.30   “Design of RF power amplifiers at 40.68 MHz”, D. Petrović, P. Petković

11.45   “Response Distribution Analysis for Oscillator Circuit Due to Process Variation”, Miljan Petrović and Miljana Milić


* ver. 03 on 3rd February 2016